Welcome to LPG Subsidy Website!!

This website has been created to help you in applying for the LPG Subsidy Scheme. Our Government has relaunched the Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG(DBTL) scheme. The name given to the scheme is “PAHAL”.

In this website you will find the detailed information regarding joining the PAHAL(DBTL) scheme and lots of more information

Slogan – “Apna Dhan Pao – Jan Dhan Bachao”

LPG Subsidy Scheme for Direct benefit Transfer to Bank Account

People of those states and districts of India where the subsidy scheme was not launched earlier, need to join the “DBTL Scheme – PAHAL” to get the subsidy transferred directly into their accounts.

So, Let’s contribute for the success of this Subsidy Scheme by joining it and helping others to do so.