Send SMS to Link Aadhar Card with LPG |Indane/Bharat/HP Gas

By using a registered mobile number you can easily link your Aadhar number with LPG consumer number. All you need to do is, to send an SMS from your registered mobile. First you need to follow the process of registering your mobile number. Once your mobile number will be registered, you must proceed then by sending sms .Through your registered number, you need to send an sms to the IVRS number of your LPG connection company. It can be Indane, Bharat Gas or HP Gas. It is to be noted that the numbers where sms is to be sent for linking aadhar card is different for every LPG company. All information is given in details below.

SMS Method for Aadhar card and LPG LinkageSMS Method for Linking your Aadhar number with Indane, HP Gas or Bharat Gas LPG connection

Step 1 – Register your Mobile number with your LPG company

Step 2 – Send sms from the registered mobile number to complete the Process

Send Sms to Link Indane Connection with Aadhar

Register Mobile number on Indane Connection

Write Down the SMS in the following format

 IOC < STD Code +
Distributor’s Tel. Number > <
Consumer Number >

Example  “IOC 1326044589 PX10828C”

In this example the number “1326044589” is combination of the STD code and telephone number of your distributor. The other number after space i.e. “PX10828C” is your consumer number. Sending an sms in this format will get your number registered with Indane LPG.

Sending SMS to Link your Aadhar Card to your Indane LPG connection :

To do this, write an sms in the following format –

UID Aadhaar number

Example –  UID 121212121212

Now the Sms needs to be sent on the number specific for your area. You can find out the number, where you need to send the SMS at

Send Sms to Link Bharat Gas LPG Connection with Aadhar

Registering your Mobile Number – For Bharat Gas consumers, no specific sms for registering your mobile number is given. You can register your mobile number either online or by visiting the distributor’s office

Sending SMS to link Aadhar Card with Bharat Gas LPG Connection

Once your mobile number will registered, you need to send sms exactly in the format that is given for Indane. i.e. you need to send sms in the format :

UID Aadhaar number

Example –  UID 121212121212

The numbers to send SMS are – 57333 (All India), 52725 (Vodafone, MTNL, Idea, Airtel & Tata users)


HP Gas LPG Connection

Registering your Mobile number –

To register your mobile number with LPG connection, you need to compose an SMS as :

REG distributor telephone
number with STD code without
zero consumer number
Example – REG 117654321 564321

Sending SMS to Link your Aadhar Card with HP Gas LPG Connection

The format of sending SMS to complete the linking process is same as that for Indane & Bharat Gas

UID Aadhaar number

Example –  UID 121212121212

You need to send the SMS to the HP Anytime number. The number for your state can be found at –

I hope this post helped you understand the SMS method for linking your Aadhar Card with LPG connection i.e. Indane, Bharat Gas or HP Gas

In case of any query, leave your comment below.