Online Method for Linking Aadhar Card with LPG – Aadhar Seeding

Online method is another alternative of Linking Aadhar card with your LPG company connection which can be used for Indane, Bharat Gas and HP Gas. So, if you willing to complete the process via web, this post will surely help you. It is to be noted that the process is same for every LPG company.

Link Aadhar Card Online with Indane, HP Gas or Bharat Gas Connection – Aadhar Seeding

Follow the steps given below to complete the process :

  • Visit the official Online Aadhar Seeding Page – Click here to visit now
  • Once you will visit the page, you will understand the whole process more clearly

Note : Keep your Aadhar card and LPG connection book with you as you need to enter the information when required

There are total 4 steps for Aadhar and LPG Linkage Online process, to get started you need to click on the “Start Now” button

Step 1 :

In the first step you will be asked to Enter your location details, first choose your State and Then choose your District

Step 2:

  • Next step to choose the Benefit type, as we are doing this process for linking LPG details you need to select “LPG”
  • After that you need to specify the Scheme name according to your LPG connection

If you are using Indane Connection, select “IOCL”

If you are using Bharat Gas LPG connection, select “BPCL”

If your connection is HP Gas, select “IOCL”

  • After this Choose the Distributor name from the list
  • Then to complete the step 2, you need to enter your LPG consumer number

Step 3 :

  • After this step, you need to complete step 3 which is providing your details
  • Enter your email address
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Then Finally enter your Aadhar number
  • After that you need to hit the “submit” button

Step 4 :

  • Now an “OTP” will be sent to your mobile number and email id your specified
  • Enter the One time Password(OTP) and the security code.
  • Hit the submit button to complete the process

After successfully registering the request online, the concerned authority will verify the details entered by your. The confirmation regarding the successful linking of aadhar card with LPG will be sent to you via sms and email.

We hope this was helpful in explaining the online process. If you still have any query, write it down in the comment box below.


  1. A R Gupta says

    Ihave changed my bank and lpg distributor and old lpg connection has transferred in name of my daughter ,but problem is that till date my aadhar is linked with old bank and lpg distributor resulted i m not getting benefit.

    • Nishant says

      Hello AR Gupta,
      As you have transferred the connection in the name of your daughter, to get the benefit it is important that the aadhaar card and bank account of your daughter is linked to her LPG connection.


  2. Saravanan says

    I have not entered my bank name and account number in the on line process and how do they link my LPG connection account with my bank account. Is there any other process or it automatically linked with my account. Pl. calrify



  3. a.ganesh says

    I have not entered my bank name and account number in the on line process and how do they link my LPG connection account with my bank account. Is there any other process or it automatically linked with my account. i have account in SB, I nalgonda district, but present am residing in rangareddy district and transferred my gas to rangareddy district, but my bank account in nalgonda district. Is i need local account to get lpg subsidy? Pl. calrify all doubts.

  4. TARA JALAN says

    While submitting seeding form, following error message showing:-

    You must enter text with 12 or fewer characters

  5. MOhd Zia Ul Haq says

    I got new LPG connection of BPCL . I need the the benefit of DBTL as you wrote down in your suggestion box i follow all the steps but when i entered the South East Delhi at the Box of Region i did not get any service provider name of BPCL. I really don’t why it is happening .
    Kindly clarify all the things why UIDAI is not showing the service provider name of LPG.

    Thanks and Regards
    Zia Ul Haq

    • Nishant says

      Hello Mohd Zia Ul Haq –
      Have your tried this again? because all the three lpg providers are listed there…. Kindly share the exact steps you are doing so that i could help.

  6. Sam Handa says

    I have a BPCL connection which bears my old name- which I had changed through a notification in the Gazette of India. However the gas connection is still carrying on with the old name. All my bank accounts and Aadhar card, PAN card are in my new name, now how do I link the Aadhar with the LPG account with BPCL. Please help. Will it be easier to give up the subsidy? agency is not delivering gas to my residence till the time the Aadhar is linked.

    • Nishant says

      Hello Sam,
      For this first of all you need to update your name at the BPCL agency. Once your name is same in LPG connection, Bank account and aadhaar card you will be receiving subsidy soon.

  7. Sam Handa says

    Am trying to link the Aadhar with the LPG connection online but the page wont accept the Aadhar # saying I need to enter 12 or lesser text , problem is that the Aadhar does have 12 numbers which is exactly what am entering and seeing on screen to but upon submitting the page is not getting submitted and am seeing the same error message again.

    • Nishant says

      Hello Sam Handa,
      Looks like a temporary problem – Have your tried the same process again in other browser?

  8. C.P.SHARMA says

    I have not entered my bank name and account number in the on line process and how do they link my LPG connection account with my bank account. Is there any other process or it automatically linked with my account. Pl. calrify



  9. says

    When I entered my 12 digit aadhar number, it says ‘you must enter text with 12 or less than that’. I ensured that the aadhar number is correct. Despite several time, the same message pops-up. Please fix it.

    • says

      There are two hiphens in between, not sure if system is considering those as additional characters apart from 12 digit aadhar number, hence throwing the error.

  10. trashan pal says

    sir by fault my gas agency had resister an unknown persons aadhar no. with my consumer no. and I reached to the office but they are they are not solving my problem so can I changed that from here

    • Nishant says

      Hello Trashan Pal,
      Don’t panic, this is a mass process and human error is possible. However, they must correct it. You must ask the official to correct the issue. if still nothing happens let them know that you are going to lodge a complaint. Let me know about which is your Gas Distributor company so that i could help you in filing the complaint.

  11. Boney says

    Thanks for such a helpful steps .

    I was able to link in site but I get a message after 2 days

    RASF: Aadhaar seeding request having consumer no: and dsitibutor maruthi gas co has been rejected due to other (ok) reason

  12. BHAGWAN KUMAR says

    Dear Sir
    I have successfully submitted online aadhar no registration.Hard copy also required to sent to distributor

  13. Mamang says

    Our LPG connection was in the name of somebody else which we bought from and the holder is deceased now. so how do i do so that i can link it with my particulars to get the benefit.

  14. Narendra Kumar Mohapatra says

    My father’s name in aadhar card is Fanindra nath Mohapatra. Where as name in Hp gas connectin ia Fanindra kumar Mohapatra. Only difference between nath and kumar. The gas distributer is saying to make a transfer from Fanindra kumar Mohapatra to Fanindra nath mohapatra which is too difficult. Please help me what to do.

  15. chiranjeevi says

    i have submitted a form to my distributor where i mentioned my aadhar card number and HDFC bank details.Do i need to do anything else from bank side to avail the benifit.

  16. Niyas says

    Sir, I have Registered the LPG and Bank Account with my Aadhar Card and i have not yet availed gas subsidy atleast once since 6 months from the date of registered. I asked the Bank person about not availing the subsidy amount to my account. they said that linking procedure is perfect and even i am opting those amount since 6 months.. can u help me by telling that how can i check that the aadhar is connected to my bank account and gas connection are not.. please help us.. Thanks in advance

  17. ashish tiwari says


  18. Nitin Shrivastava says

    Hi Nishant, I appreciate you efforts towards resolving people queries. I have 1 question myself. I was getting subsidy earlier in my HDFC bank and now i do not use that hdfc a/c and want subsidy credited to my Union bank a/c and i have submitted aadhar copy to union bank and they say its now linked to your addhar. When i check online in HP LPG site it does display aadhar linked with union bank a/c but in LBG subsidy linked it shows status “NO”. and bank a/c subsidy details it shows old HDFC , How can i be sure i will get subsidy in Union bank. Please help….Thanks in Advance.


    Mene 23-4-2015 no new connection liya he par sabsidi jama nai hui

  20. jebashri says

    while seeding i have entered the mobile no of mine instead of my husband no which is registered one in IOCL. how can i change the mobile no. now if i try another another seeding request by giving my husbands no i get the message “seeding already exists” what shall i do plz help me

  21. prasad.p says

    Hi guies,,
    I have one clarification, please i ie…. my aadhar card is linked with my bank account , how to know which bank account is linked with aadhar card, how to check that bank account?

  22. Mandeep Shrestha says


    I am not able to submit the request online as I do not see my distributor’s name in the list. Request you to help here.


  23. KRISHNA says


  24. Arvind says

    Sir I have attached my aadhar to gas agency and i have received message your aadhar is linked, My aadhar is linked a bank account account that is closed now, and when i made request to join another bank account, a message is received your request is denied as this service already benefited to another account. Sir please solve my problem, I have made request many times and i am not getting subsidy benefit from last few months. What can i do in this situation

  25. says

    sir, i want to change my bank account no.from axix to andhra bank for gas subsidy bcz v not received subsidy from axis from last three times. how can i change it in online

  26. Dilip Kumar Bhattacharji says

    My LPG distributer in dehradun (UK) is PREMIER GAS SERVICE (156454). I had submitted application for change of name in Jan 2015. Inspite of my repeated visits to the distributer the application has not been processed till date. On 30 June 2015 I visited the distributer in person & was informed that last date for the same is 30 June 2015 & nothing can be done now. Due to no fault of mine I have been deprived the benefits of linking Aadhar Card. Please help me to resolve the issue at the earliest.My consumer no. is 154810.

  27. Pritam Gugale says

    very useful information, completed the entire procedure in less than couple of mins . thanks guys you are doing fantastic job by sharing this information, keep it up. Once again thanks

  28. kamta singh says

    I have 2 lpg connections on my name but in two different cities in a state and I want to transfer my one Lpg account to my wife at another city where I do not reside. How would it possible? Could I change my aadhar seeding by my wife’S aadhar no. Please guide me

  29. d srinivas says

    Dear sir, i have aadhaar card and bank account. yet know i received subsidy amount Non Aadhar card based.Problem is my aadhar card linked to my LPG connection as well as my aadhar card linked to my bank account number. But in LPG website shows my bank account is not linked to aadhar card. bank officials told to me aadhar card is already linked to ur bank account confidently.
    i am not find where is the problem can occur in Bank or LPG Distributor.

    reply me as soon………….

  30. Souza says

    Kindly note that you have mentioned “IOCL” for both Indane as well as HP when it should be “HPCL” for HP gas connections. Appreciate your effort though with the article as well as in trying to resolve everyones queries

  31. Ramendra Sundar Sarkar says

    Sir, please note that I have two separate establishments to maintain at two different locations in Kolkata. So I have two Indane LPG connections. I submitted Aadhar links with two of my bank accounts and that with two different distributors. While I receive benefits on one connection, the benefits are not deposited for the use of the second connection.

    I understand that benefits are not allowed to more than one LPG connection located at a single address. Since me and my family stay at two locations due to family compulsions and naturally I have to maintain two LPG connections, does it mean that I will be denied subsidy benefits to my second LPG connection? Please advise.

  32. bs bisht says

    My adhar card still not linked with my bank account, while the bank have been tried so many times, they says that this Number could be attached with othor. please guide.

  33. Kuldeep jugtwan says

    Sir i want add my adhar card no. With Indian gass
    My adhar card no is-323546459980

  34. dinesh thakur says

    My distributor aman gas agency mp raisen district is not reflects in this online adahaAr linking website . So what we can do

  35. pintusharma says

    I am using LPG gas but my problem don’t attach my bank account subsidy so what I can do it

  36. amit says

    I have done the adhaar seeding and linked by bharat gas account also with adhaar but still the status is showing as not linked.I have done all these process 3 weeks back.Can you tell me how much time it usually takes,and whom should i reach

  37. Jeeva says

    When I type all the details in the home page and correct aadhaar number. and click next. It is throwing message that Aadhaar number should be 12 didit/text.
    I have entered the correct aadhaar number for sure

  38. SHRIRAM M KOKJE says

    abovmentioned adhaar no not getting susidy after December 2015 in bank accoint pls spcify what to do?