What is LPG Subsidy Scheme? – DBTL “PAHAL” Scheme Explained

The DBTL scheme was actually launched on 1st June 2013 and it covered 291 districts. As many customers faced problems in linking their Aadhar card, the Government launched the modified version of scheme keeping in mind the issues faced earlier. The new DBTL scheme was launched on 15th November 2014 for the 54 districts of the country. For the remaining districts, the scheme has started on the first day of new year that is 1st January 2015. Not only the government made some significant changes in the scheme, they renamed it to ” Pratyaksh Hanstantarit Labh or PAHAL“. Under this scheme more than 15 crore consumers spread across 676 districts of the country will be covered.

Features of LPG Subsidy Scheme

  • This scheme will enable the LPG customers to get subsidy directly to their respective bank accounts.
  • You can link your aadhar card to the bank account to get the direct benefit of the subsidy. The govt has made another significant step by announcing that the the subsidy can also be availed without aadhar card also
  • As per this scheme the consumer who will avail this scheme to avail the subsidy directly to the bank account  will be referred as “Cash Transfer Compliant (CTC)”
  • The consumers will be offered Permanent Advance  once they join the PAHAL (DBTL) Scheme. The payment will be transferred directly to the bank account of consumers as soon as they make the first booking for a cylinder after joining the scheme.

More About the Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Scheme 

  • New modified DBTL scheme was launched for the 54 districts on 15th November 2014 and for the remaining districts on 1st January 2015.
  • The consumers will have three months(Grace Period) from the date of launch to join the scheme.
  • In these months the consumers will be benefited with the subsidized cylinders.
  • If the consumer will not join the scheme within those 3 months, they will be given extra duration of three months(known as Parking Period) to get done with the process but in this meantime they need to buy the cylinder at the market price
  • Note : If the consumer did not join the scheme within the Parking period, he/she will not be able to get the subsidy. The LPG cylinders to such people will be given at market price only
  • Once the scheme is joined within these 3 extra months, the customers will be provided with the Permanent advance as well as the due subsidy of the cylinders

Still Have Doubt?- Understand with Example

For example, Suppose i am a resident of one of the Districts where scheme was launched on 15th November 2014. Now from 15th November 2014 to 14th February is the time which will be called as Grace period. In this time period i will be eligible to get cylinder at the Subsidized rate but i need to join the scheme with in these three months.

Another scenario in the same example is that if i didn’t join the scheme till 14th February 2015. Now in this case i will enter into the parking period. The government is generous enough to give me extra three months(till 14th May 2015) but i will get the LPG at market price. Once i join the scheme before 14th May i will be considered as CTC by government and all the subsidy will be transferred to my account.

We hope this example helped you in understanding the whole process. If you still have doubt, leave your comments below, we will try to resolve your queries.



    May i know the steps refund amount credited status, actually when it will credit into my account after cylinder has delivered

    • Nishant says

      Hello Vinay, Thanks for writing down !!
      As i see you are willing to know the status, i am surely going to write a separate post on it.

      • SRINIVAS says

        No. This cannot be construed as savings in subsidy or fake/ghost connections as these consumers can become CTC even after expiry of parking period also.
        The claim of government is not correct.

    • SANDEEP says


      • Himanshu says

        HI, firstly make it clear that the market price of LPG cylinder is 635 like petrol,diesel, wheat,sugar etc,
        Previously Govt .was giving subsidy as saying to companies take 440 from customer and rest Rs. 195 i will pay but now they are saying

        I will give amount to my citizen directly in his bank account and company to sell product at his market price

        out of 15 Crore customers 3 crores were found ghost customers whose subsidy was a burden over govt.
        Suppose Lpg subsidy of a customer is Rs.1500 for a year for one customer then 1500*3 crore=4500 Crore govt. money saved

  2. yash jain says

    what is the amount of permanent advance?
    should we claim it from respective gas agency or is it directly transefered to the bank account .
    How will know that whether my gas account no. (consumer no.) is linked to the bank account ,as in my case i have already filled up the form and submitted it along with bank account details to my gas agency but when i asked them about the linkage of my consumer no.with my bank account they said they dont no. anything about when it will be linked.

    • Nishant says

      Hello Yash, Thanks for writing down !!
      That’s a good question. I will try to explain in the best possible way
      The Permanent advance amount is Rs.568. It is a one time advance which will be provided to those people who have successfully joined the scheme. You need not to claim it from the respective gas agency. The amount will be paid directly to your bank account.
      Now as you are willing to know the status, wait for a while i am writing a separate post about it. Have you applied with or without aadhaar card? Tell me, so that i can assist you in better way.

      • rahul says

        A sum of Rs 568 will be paid in advance to the consumer, in the bank account, who now joins the scheme, as soon as s/he makes the first booking for a cylinder after joining the scheme to ensure that s/he has extra money required to pay for the first LPG cylinder at market price. This is in addition to subsidy that is paid on each cylinder. This process is followed for each subsidized cylinder delivered (up to the cap) as per his/her entitlement. plz explain this

          • rahul says

            will this amount 568 ,will be pay to ctc customer on every booking of the cylinder or it is only one time govt will pay to ctc customer ?

          • Nishant says

            Hello Rahul,
            It is one time amount. if you disconnect the lpg connection any time in future, it will be adjusted then.


  3. Chitra V says

    Thanks for your guidance and guidelines. Even after giving all the forms to the respective authorities,
    I have not received any information regarding amount credited to my SB account. I do not understand whether the formalities are done. I got only the acknowledgements from bank and as well as from the destribution. Can you help me?

    • Nishant says

      Hello Chitra,
      As per the official document, it is mentioned that the subsidy will be transferred into the bank account once the scheme is launched in the district of the customer.
      As you have mentioned that you have received the Confirmation from the bank and LPG distributor about successful linkage, the amount should be transferred soon. It would be helpful, if you contact the LPG distributor and explain this issue. I am sure the problem will be resolved soon.

      All the Best!!


  4. fergus misquitta (@froggyferg) says

    I have been through the various parts of the web site and information available — I regret to say that there is NO CLEAR information available — the information is very hazy and UNCLEAR for a common person to understand — there are no stipulations as to ANY time frame within which monies will be received — or is it as is usual experience that the common person will enrol in this scheme and then have to run from pillar to post to get some sensible response — this is the experience of around 99 % of Indians — they always get tangled up in the bureaucratic maze of RED TAPE and lethargy.
    I will however be submitting all the requisite forms etc. to enrol in this scheme — about which I personally have my serious doubts — I sincerely hope this is not another mess that I am getting myself in to — my past experiences ( I am a senior citizen 72 ) and till date I have never had any good experience in the bureaucratic functioning of ANY government department — so LET US HOPE AND PRAY — that this is NOT also another BIG MESS !!!!!

    • Nishant says

      Fergus Misquitta,
      I understand tand agree that some of the information provided is quite complex to understand. However,my aim of creating this website was to simplify the complex details. I have tried my best to do this. I would appreciate if you suggest me to make the details more clearer.


  5. Avinash Pandey says

    Hi sir
    I have submitted all my documents required and got receiving. Distributor says that my account is linked but neither it is shown on lpg consumer login portal nor I received subsidy even after booking and purchase of refilled cylinders.

    • Nishant says

      Hello Avinash,
      You must share the same info with the distributor. If he still says that your account is linked ask for some sort of proof.

    • Nishant says

      Hello Neelima,
      Thanks a lot. Support and appreciation by readers like you is always a motivation to keep going.


    I had received one time amount of Rs.568/- and the subsidy Rs.299/- in my sb account for my enrolling in the scheme and for my first booking. Subsequently I had booked the 2nd cylinder and got it delivered on 24.03.2015. The subsidy amount not yet received till 28.03.2015.
    What is the time frame of crediting the amount after delivery of the cylinder.

  7. Chytra says


    Please help me in the below query,

    After successful registration for the DBTL process, i am not getting My subsidy amount to the account number which was provided during registration to the agency. Since January month i am getting message like ” Your subsidy amount has been transferred to STATE BANK OF MYSORE so and so account number ending with XXXXXXX987. I do not hold any account in state bank of mysore. I had submitted correct Adhar card and bank account details. When inquired in agency about this they did not provide any information. Please help me with this, it’s been 3 months and i did not get solution.

  8. suresh deore says

    by mistake i get out of Subsidy scheme.and my name is get enroll in scroll of honour..but i want Subsidies cylinder.how to get back in Subsidy scheme


    Hi My Aadhar Card has been linked with LPG as well as Bank I am a CTC Consumer as per bharat Portal and i have already joined PAHAL as per website But i did not received One time permanent advance of 568 Rs till now and i have booked for my 1st refill dated on 06 04 2015 and today dated on 07 04 2015 the cylinder has been delivered to my residence But i received only Advance subsidy of 203 rs in my account which is linked i asked to my distributor for the same they told me advance subsidy scheme has stopped in the new financial year but i am not satisfied because according to online portal this scheme is valid now days then why i can not avail it Kindly check it and let me know

    Consumer No: 60555446
    LPG Id: 1 0000 0000 6055 5446
    Distributor Address: WZ-80, PANKHA ROAD,NANGALRAYA.NEW DELHI- 110058.

  10. Acharyulu says

    Thanks for all the info. I received the subsidy amount in my bank account last year. I recently booked Refill which got delivered a week back. I did not get the subsidy credited to my account. Whom should I approach? I generally book only 4 or 5 cylinders in a year. Thanks…

  11. Naveen kumar says

    Sir, i had filled my cylinders dated 02 Feb, 14 February and 04 Aprail 2015, But i have got subsidy only 1 Cylinder which filled 02 Feb. Where is the subsidy of other ones.plz reply.

  12. shobha diwakar says

    my gas agency is gujral gas, sadar, cantt, jabalpur

    i agree with most of the comments posted above

    my own complaint is that gujral gas distributor does not give me receipt against my consumer number The gas is only delivered after I raise my voice for non delivery of my cylinder then on some day the hawker brings the cylinder installs it and asks for RS 682 when I ask him for a receipt it is not given and is said it will be given on this/ that day which to date I have not received till today against my booking on 4th april this cylinder was sent after i demanded to know why my cylinder/s were not delivered this has been happening since feb every time i book a cylinder it is delivered to someone else by forging my signature / name

  13. Sanket says

    Hi Nishant, You are doing a good job by helping people out. Had a quick question-

    My Aadhar no is properly seeded with LPG ID and Bank account and the status is green since 4 Dec 2014. but still i haven’t received the initial subsidity amount of 568/- which as per the policy should have been credited once your account is linked successfully. However i ordered the first refill on 7 April and i got the subsidy of 208/-. Can you please help me whom do we raise this concern to get the 568/- one time advance credited back into the account?

  14. Devasandhan says

    I am a LPG subsidy verified holder since One Year. As instructed by my Gas Agency, I linked my Adhar Card to both my Gas Agency and my Bank. In fact, in the month of February, i received a subsidy amount of 648 Rs credited to my bank account. This April my first subsidized cylinder for this accounting year had arrived at my house. I would like to know what is the amount that a subsidy holder has to pay for the LPG Cylinder.

  15. Manoj says

    I had received one time amount of Rs.568/- but no any other subsidy I recieved till date in my sbi account for my first booking for enrolling in the scheme. Also when I booked and get my second cylinder which delivered to me on 27.04.2015. The subsidy amount for first and second cylinder not received till 04.05.2015.

    Please let me know about the scheme in this matter, how it workding?

  16. says

    My consumer no is 04773. I have linked my OBC Bank a/c no. (18442191017907) with my Aadhar card and consumer no. Is also linked with Aadhar and bank account BUT I have not received any subsidy amount till date. I bought last cylinder on 21 Feb 2015. What to now to get subsidy. I checked with my local dealer, he says nothing in my hand , pl try with Area field Officer on 9899240215. I tried several times but seems to be busy for whole life. Please suggest correct action

  17. Phari says

    Hi. Nishant

    I have few doubts that maybe you can help out.

    1.Is there any fees for transfer of connection from one agency to another,if so how much is it….For I live in remote place of Northeast and have no option but to accept whatever is told and charged by various agencies as we have limited service.
    As I got transferred to new place and m facing the problproble.m.

    2.The agency is now asking for Money as advance….I wonder if there is anything such.

    3.Lastly I was told to submit required documents and accordingly submitted it…but when I checked it out…IIam still not registered…so whom should I complain, wat abt the subsidy for the one I paid in full..

  18. S SOMAN NAIR says

    Sir, my LPG ID is 37500000062402142. I have already submitted copies of Adhar Card & Bank details to Gas agency (RAVINDRA GAS AGENCY, ANAYADI) to link my Bank A/C & Adhar and got KYC verification endorsement on the Blue book by in the Gas agency.
    I have booked a cylinder during Feb 2015 and the cylinder was delivered to me during the middle of Mar 2015. Again I booked a cylinder on 07 May 2015. Till date I did not receive any amount of subsidy for both of these bookings.

    Kindly intimate the reason for non payment of subsidy & one time advance under PAHAL scheme. Whom should I contact for getting the subsidy.

  19. RAJASEKHAR says

    HI SIR,

  20. Rajeev Ranjan says

    sir..how much subsidy paid after gas delivered…bcs when i see my bank a/c…it was confusing…it is…568…268….281…please help me..and how much exect subsidy govt delivered…

  21. Himanshu says

    i have a confussion regarding what will happen if i will not submit my document in grace period
    either my connection will be active or blocked, it will be opted out automatically or not as it is written as i will not get subsidy???

  22. Vikas Gaur says

    Hello Sir, I have a LPG connection initially i paid Rs 2264/- when i took this connection, after few months i trasferred it from BHATINDA CANTT to KURUKSHETRA .I joined this DBTL scheme in march 2015Now after reading other comments here I have never received Rs.568/-.pl guide me.thanks

  23. Subhash Sharma says

    Really Still It is confusing for me as If u want to pay Rs.568/- Subsidy Than I have to purchse cyilneder on market Price and what ever is the subsidy it will be transfer in my A/c Ok. But before this I was paying (Market Price- Subsidy). The Difference is only one time payment of 568/- Than simply not paid Rs.568/- to those who are customer of any LPG company. What Formula & Ethics are used really confusing. Only by this way I(only not claimed any other) feel that who are capable & having LPG connection start to purchase by giving affidavit that they need not any meharbani. May be If I wrong Plz. guide me otherwise I am right.

  24. Alap says

    My query is this:

    If the government allocates 12 cylinders per year at subsidized rates… WHY can’t it sell those cylinders at subsidized rate of Rs. 450.
    WHY is the Govt. collecting Rs. 649.50 (Mind you they don’t return the 50 paise). And then at a later date returning the extra amount?

  25. Rethinakumar says

    I am get the new connection 27.06.2015 so i am eligible or not subsidy.(Bank a/c connected with lpg account)
    example i am eligible the subsity how much credited in my account

  26. Kaushik J Patel says

    My Customer No. 07978 LPG ID is 37500 0000 6115 6296. Indane Gas Agency : PRANJAL INDANE (AHMEDABAD GUJARAT)
    I have submitted copies of Adhar Card, Voter Id Card & Bank details to Gas agency (PRANJAL INDANE , AHMEDABAD) on 31/03/2015 to link my Bank A/C under PAHAL scheme.
    I have booked a cylinder and the cylinder was delivered to me Booking No. Date & Time 2000017807/21-05-2015/10:20. Bill No.3000020844 Again I booked a cylinder Booking No. Date & Time 2000020275/10-06-2015/09:31 Bill no.3000027024
    Till Date 03/07/2015 I did not receive any amount of subsidy for both of these bookings so I go to my Indane Gas Agency : PRANJAL INDANE (AHMEDABAD GUJARAT) on Date 03/07/2015 and request for above matter The gas agency person answer me you are not registered for PAHAL scheme and we cannot do anything for you.
    I have submitted copies of Aadhar Card, Voter Id Card & Bank details to Gas agency on 31/03/2015 to link my Bank A/C under PAHAL scheme but Gas agency is not proceed to link PAHAL scheme this is negligence of Gas agency why I suffer loss of subsidy.
    Whom should I contact for getting the subsidy.

  27. Harish says

    Hey!! I couldn’t register/ enroll in the Pahal scheme before 30th June’15, Is there any other way so that i could register in this scheme.

  28. pinky jagtap says

    first of all i dont understand why govt lunched all these silly things/schemes? can anybody tel the govt to stop this all type of nonsense things…these all r wastage of time of public that’s it. govt takes extra amount from us and they say that extra amount wil go to in ur a/c but when???? here govt takes interest from their bank in our name & from our money…wats this nonsense…..
    now our great PM Modi G is saying people who r capable plz dont tk subsidy..it means wat??? aryee u only r launching the scheme & now u only r saying not to tk facility…..plz stop this…
    if really govt wants to c india on high level then cut all this luxury facilities of the parliament members…dont provide them accomodation, travelling expenses from govt fund….after all , all this funds comng from where????it is the public money plz dont waste like this …..i wanted to say many more bt i know my this query will nt be published by the authority….because “SACHH KADVA HOTA HAI”

  29. Mohamed Soheb Patel says

    Thanks Nishant for the information you have provided regarding LPG subsidy else the info given in website is absolutely NO CLEAR

  30. Amit chauhan says

    Sir I have done mistaken in lpg subsidiary by Sms therefore I have a problem plz resolve it. …..


    Sir, my LPG ID is 37500000063573398. I have already submitted copies of Adhar Card & Bank details to Gas agency (JAIHIND GAS SERVICE – SHASTRI NAGAR KANPUR) to link my Bank A/C & Adhar and got KYC verification endorsement on the Blue book by in the Gas agency.
    I have booked a cylinder ON DT. 08/01/15, 3/2/15, 03/04/15,08/05/15, 19/06/15 and the cylinder was delivered to me BUT TILL DATE I did not receive any amount of subsidy for above of these bookings.

    Kindly intimate the reason for non payment of above subsidy & one time advance under PAHAL scheme. Whom should I contact for getting the subsidy.


  32. Simy says

    From last four months i am behind my gas agency to update my bank account details as i dont have aadhar card. I approached my agency in the month of march gave him all documents and cancelled cheque but till may he kept on saying we have done the needful but it is not reflecting in the system kindly submit the cheque and details again. We again submitted it at the end of june but till date it is not updated. Dont know what to do because for every cylinder i am paying 650/- and they are not updating it also.
    Today when i called they are saying now it will not be possible to update. You have to wait till next april (i.e. april 2016) to update it.

  33. says

    My Inden gas canection no.10503 and ID no3750000008165454811 I am already submitted Aadar card information in bank account and shumbhu gas dealer but not received gas subsidy in my account please consider my request

  34. Kani Yampa tisreenivasulu says

    Hai sir I am sreenivas from kavali nellore district andhrapradesh. I am not receiving my lpg subsicidy last one year. I am already submittedmy aadhar&bankaccount details. My aadharno_894901773864&my sbi acno-32878953865.myconsumerno-9082.plz sallow my problem thanks

  35. suresh rokade says

    my lpg gas conection no 658073 varad vinayak gas agency kalamboli navi mumbai from last 4 month i have not recived lpg gas subsidy pls check

  36. Amit Kumar says

    I have taken a new gas connection of Bharat gas my consumer no is 69499870
    I have refill the cylinder but i am not getting subsidy amount
    my lpg id and bank account both are linked with adhar no…
    how can i get my subsidy tell me some idea….

  37. Lokesh b says

    intialy we had given corporation bank a/c for gas subsidy but that a/c is became deactive so, can we change bank a/c

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