Apply Online for New LPG Gas Connection [Price] -Indane|HP|Bharat Online form

Find out how to Apply Online for New LPG Gas Connection – Find out the New connection Price | Step by Step Online New Connection Form Filling Guide for Indane, HP & Bharat Connections

Hello Friends ! Getting New LPG Gas Connection is very important step. It is not possible to depend on modern inductions and other similar equipment due to the reason that they work on electricity and might result in consuming high electricity. So, LPG is always the safe and best option. Top three providers in our country are Indane Gas, HP Gas and Bharat Gas. In this article, you will find every piece of information required to apply online for New Gas connection…. [Read More]

{New} Kerosene Subsidy Directly in Bank Account – DBT Scheme

Kerosene Subsidy – Direct Benefit Transfer to Bank Account Scheme – How to Apply, Subsidy Amount and Detailed Information

Kerosene Subsidy 2015After the success of LPG subsidy, it is now time to get the Kerosene subsidy directly into your bank accounts. This process is being carried out to stop the black marketing of Kerosene. If you are availing LPG subsidy directly to your bank account, you will find this Kerosene subsidy process quite similar. The new subsidy scheme for Kerosene will be implemented as the Kerosene DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)… [Read More]

Easily Find out your LPG ID for Indane/HP/BharatGas

Get your LPG ID of Indane Gas, HP Gas and Bharat Gas Easily

The one thing that you might have come across while applying for LPG subsidy is, a 17 Digit LPG id . Most of the people seem confused about this LPG ID. As it important element while filling the LPG Subsidy forms, it becomes very important to get to know the LPG ID for your distributor company i.e. Indane, Bharat Gas and HP Gas. In this article you will find out that how can you get the LPG ID easily online.… [Read More]

HP Online Gas Booking – Do it Now !

Easily Book HP Gas Online – Step by Step Guide

HP Gas Online BookingHP Gas consumers can easily book the gas cylinder by following the online process. If you are a consumer of HP Gas, you must read this article as it contains all information regarding hp gas booking online. The only prerequisite in this case is that user must be registered. If you haven’t registered do not panic, the hp gas user registration process is also included for new users. So, let’s get started and find out details regarding¬†HP Online Gas Booking…. [Read More]

Bharat Gas Online Booking – Do it Now !

Easily Book your Bharat Gas LPG Cylinder Online – Step by Step Guide

Bharat Gas Online BookingNow you can book your Bharat Gas Easily,online. Due to this online facility given by bharat gas, huge number of consumers and being benefited. Many consumers are not aware of this process. This article covers all details required to Bharat Gas Online booking. You are advised to read the details given carefully to start booking your Bharat Gas cylinder online…. [Read More]

Give up LPG Subsidy – How to Guide for Subsidy Surrender

How to Give Up LPG Subsidy РPM Wants Well Off Consumers to Surrender LPG Subsidy for Indane,HP & Bharat Gas

Recently our respected Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Singh Modi has asked the well off(rich) LPG consumers to give up LPG subsidy. The government is expecting that about one crore well off consumers will surrender the LPG subsidy. Many ministers and other people have already gave up the subsidy on cooking Gas.The first one to do this was i guess, Mr. Arun Jetli. If you are planning to surrender the subsidy and not sure about the procedure, this article is ideal for you as it contains the step by step procedure of doing so…. [Read More]

LPG Subsidy Not Received in Bank Account|What to do?

LPG Subsidy(For Indane,HP or Bharat Gas) is Not Received in my Bank Account – What are the possible reasons?

This is a common that is being asked by LPG consumers of top providers i.e. Indane, Bharat Gas and HP Gas. As mentioned before that DBTL PAHAL(LPG Subsidy Scheme) enables the LPG consumers to receive the subsidy amount directly to their bank account. If you haven’t received it yet, there are various possible reasons. In this post, i will be discussing about these reasons and helping you to get rid of everything that comes in the way of Subsidy Transfer…. [Read More]