IVRS Method to Link Aadhar card with LPG – Indane/HP/Bharat

IVRS is short name for Interactive Voice Response system. The LPG consumers can link their aadhar card with LPG account by calling the number given by the given and then following the Instructions of IVRS. The LPG companies i.e. Indane, HP Gas and Bharat Gas have set up IVRS to help the consumers in linking their aadhar card with LPG connection.

IVRS Method to Link Aadhar Card LPG Account of Indane, HP Gas, Bharat Gas

IVRS Method for Indane Customers

IVRS Method for  Bharat Gas LPG Consumers

IVRS Method for HP Gas LPG Consumers

  • Visit this page – www.hindustanpetroleum.com/hpanytime
  • You will see all the IVRS numbers of each and every state
  • Dial the IVRS number of your State and Follow the Instructions

By following the above methods according to the connection you have, you will easily be able to Link your Aadhar card with LPG number.