LPG Subsidy Registration for Indane -With/without Aadhar Card

As you know our government is providing subsidy for LPG connection holders. If you are using Indane LPG cylinder at your home, you will find all the details regarding Applying for LPG subsidy on Indane connection here. Read the details mentioned below carefully.

How to Apply for LPG Subsidy on Indane Gas Connection :

Join DBTL Scheme for LPG Subsidy Scheme Indane ConsumersWe have mentioned the general procedure to apply for the LPG subsidy in a previous article. In this post, we will explain the process customized for the Indane customer. So if you are an Indane customer and are eligible for Subsidy, here is what you need to do to join the Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme for LPG subsidy:

As you know that minimum eligibility to apply for LPG subsidy is a Bank account and LPG connection. Having an aadhar card is an advantage. This process is for the Indane customers who have adhaar card. Those who don’t have it can skip to the other process of applying for Subsidy without aadhar card which is mentioned later in this article.

A) Process for Indane Customers who possess Aadhar Card:

Step 1 : Link your Aadhar card with Bank Account

Click here to read about the process of Linking Aadhar card with Bank Account

Step 2 : Link your Aadhar card with Indane LPG Connection

Once your aadhar card is linked with the Bank account the next step it get it linked with the Indane Connection.

To do this you need to fill in the form no. 2. The form can be filled in as a hard copy or you can even fill it online.

Offline Form number 2 for Indane Aadhar Registration

  • Download the Form no. 2 – Visit the “Forms Download” page
  • Once downloaded, take the print out
  • Now fill in the details asked in form
  • After filling the form submit it at Your Indane Distributor’s office

Online linking Indane LPG with Aadhar card

The Online process to Link aadhar card with LPG(aadhar seeding) is easy to implement. You need to enter the details online and in total there are 4 steps. Click here for Aadhar Indane Linkage Online

This completes the whole process of Applying for LPG subsidy for Indane Consumers who possessed the aadhar card. If you don’t have aadhar card, read below

B) How to Apply for Indane LPG Subsidy Scheme without Aadhar Card

You can read the whole process of applying for Indane LPG Subsidy without Aadhar card HERE.

We hope this post helped you in Applying to LPG subsidy for your Indane LPG connection.