Apply for LPG Subsidy without Aadhaar card

Our govt is concerned to provide subsidy to every LPG consumer. The connection can be of Indane, HP Gas or Bharat Gas The biggest improvement in the new modified DBTL scheme known as “PAHAL” is that it enables the consumers who don’t have aadhar card or aadhar number to apply for the LPG subsidy. The consumers have Indane, HP & Bharat Gas cylinders can now get the subsidy in their respective bank accounts without linking the aadhar card. The complete process in mentioned below

LPG Subsidy without Aadhar cardHow to Avail LPG Subsidy in Bank Account without Linking Aadhar card :

If you are consumer of Indane, HP Gas or Bharat Gas connection these all steps apply for you. You can implement the process by making use of either method 1 or method 2 given below

Before going into details of the process, i would like to make one thing clear, in case your have wrongly interpreted. Only those consumers of LPG who haven’t received their Aadhar card or Aadhar number need to use this method. If you have got your Aadhar card and you are trying to follow this method to skip the Aadhar card linking process, don’t do this.

There are two methods to apply for LPG Subsidy without linking Aadhar card

Method 1 : By Submitting your Bank details to LPG

  1. a) Handing Over the application to the dealer
  2. b) Using the online method to get your bank details entered in the LPG database

Method 2 : On web using online method

Method 1 –

In this method you will provide your bank details for your LPG account. It can be done in two ways

a) Handing over the Application to your LPG dealer – You can personally hand over the application containing your bank account details to your LPG connection dealer. The dealer could be of Indane, HP or bharat gas which ever service your are using currently. To do this you need to :

  • Download the Form no 4 – Visit the “Download Forms” page now
  • Once downloaded, take the print out and fill in the details
  • Now visit the distributor’s office and submit the application there
  • Don’t forget to get the acknowledgement slip.

b) Apply Online for LPG Subsidy under the DBTL(PAHAL) Scheme without Aadhar CardClick here to read the dedicated article for this process

Method 2 :

In this method you need to submit your LPG  Details at the bank branch. The process is  given below:

  • Download the form no. 3 – Visit the “Download Forms” page now
  • Once downloaded take the print out and fill in the application form
  • Now visit your bank branch and hand over the application to the bank official

I hope this article was helpful. For any query, kindly leave your comment in the comment box below.