Apply for LPG Subsidy without Aadhaar card

Our govt is concerned to provide subsidy to every LPG consumer. The connection can be of Indane, HP Gas or Bharat Gas The biggest improvement in the new modified DBTL scheme known as “PAHAL” is that it enables the consumers who don’t have aadhar card or aadhar number to apply for the LPG subsidy. The consumers have Indane, HP & Bharat Gas cylinders can now get the subsidy in their respective bank accounts without linking the aadhar card. The complete process in mentioned below

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Apply Online for LPG Subsidy without Aadhar Card

As mentioned in the post ” Apply for LPG Subsidy without Aadhar card”, the consumers not having aadhar card can still apply for LPG subsidy by either providing the bank details to LPG center or by providing LPG id details in the bank. This post is for those consumers who want to apply online for LPG subsidy by providing their bank details(without aadhar card). I have included all the online process for all companies i.e. Indane, HP & Bharat Gas. Let’s Get Started !!… [Read More]