Send SMS to Link Aadhar Card with LPG |Indane/Bharat/HP Gas

By using a registered mobile number you can easily link your Aadhar number with LPG consumer number. All you need to do is, to send an SMS from your registered mobile. First you need to follow the process of registering your mobile number. Once your mobile number will be registered, you must proceed then by sending sms .Through your registered number, you need to send an sms to the IVRS number of your LPG connection company. It can be Indane, Bharat Gas or HP Gas. It is to be noted that the numbers where sms is to be sent for linking aadhar card is different for every LPG company. All information is given in details below…. [Read More]

Link Aadhar Card to LPG Gas Connection – Online/Offline

After linking the Aadhar card with your bank account, the next step is to link your Aadhar card with your LPG gas connection or consumer number. In this article we have mentioned the general steps for every LPG connection i.e. they can be implemented for your LPG connection, no matter if it is Indane, HP Gas or Bharat Gas. Incase,you don’t have Aadhar card, read our post on Applying for LPG subsidy scheme without Aadhar card… [Read More]