Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Scheme – How to Apply

As you know according to the new Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG DBTL(PAHAL) scheme, the LPG consumers will join the scheme will recieve subsidy directly in their bank accounts. In this post we have mentioned the whole process of applying for LPG subsidy for the Bharat Gas Consumers. If you are using Bharat Gas cylinder you need to follow the procedure for taking the benefit of this LPG subsidy Scheme. Before continuing make sure you are eligible… [Read More]

LPG Subsidy Registration on HP Gas|With/Without Aadhar Card

If you are using HP Gas Cylinder, and have not applied for the subsidy yet, this article is for you. As you know our Government is keen to provide LPG subsidy directly to the bank account of the connection holder. To start getting the benefit, you need to join the subsidy Scheme for LPG, which is named as “PAHAL”(new DBTL Scheme). This post is for the HP Gas consumers who are interested in LPG subsidy. HP Gas customers need to follow the procedure mentioned to join the subsidy scheme and become eligible for receiving the subsidy account directly in their respective bank accounts…. [Read More]