Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Scheme – How to Apply

As you know according to the new Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG DBTL(PAHAL) scheme, the LPG consumers will join the scheme will recieve subsidy directly in their bank accounts. In this post we have mentioned the whole process of applying for LPG subsidy for the Bharat Gas Consumers. If you are using Bharat Gas cylinder you need to follow the procedure for taking the benefit of this LPG subsidy Scheme. Before continuing make sure you are eligible

Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Scheme Registration – Aadhar & Non Aadhar Card Based

Bharat Gas Consumer Apply for DBTL Subsidy Scheme PAHALAs we have mentioned various times that according to this new subsidy scheme by Government, both type consumers i.e. Those who have aadhar card and those who don’t have it can apply. We will be explaining the process separately

A) Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Registration with Aadhar Card

Step 1 : You need to link your Aadhar card with Bank Account First

Step 2 : You need to link your Aadhar card with your Bharat Gas Consumer Connection

Step 1 Explanation – Linking aadhar card with Bank Account:

The process of linking the aadhar card with bank account can be implemented in two ways. You can either hand over the application form to the bank officials or you can implement this process via Online method. However it is to be noted that all banks are not giving the facility of Online Linking.

Read complete details of Linking Aadhar Card with Bank Account

Once your Aadhar card will be linked to the Bank account, the step 1 will be completed. Now you need to proceed with the step 2.

Step 2 Explanation – Linking your Aadhar card with Bharat Gas LPG Consumer connection

This process can be implemented in various ways

  1. By providing your bank details to at the Bharat Gas Distributor Office
  2. By providing your Bharat Gas connection Details at the Bank account

Step 2.1 Providing Bank details to your Bharat Gas Distributor – Offline Method

  • You need to fill in the form number 2 . – Click here to visit Form no.2 Download Page
  • Once downloaded, you need take the print out of the form
  • Enter the details asked correctly
  • Once filled you need to submit to your Bharat Gas dealer

Step 2.2 Online Method

The government has set up a dedicated online page where all consumers can link their aadhar card with LPG account for subsidy purposes. We have written a separate article for this. Click here to read the online method steps

This concludes the step 2.

This whole process was for the Bharat Gas Consumers who had aadhar card. The process of applying for LPG subsidy by joining the New DBTL scheme(PAHAL) without Aadhar card is given below.

B) How to Apply for Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Scheme without Aadhar Card

If you are a Bharat Gas Consumer and wish to apply for the LPG subsidy scheme without Aadhar card, you must read our post on Applying for LPG subsidy without Aadhar card

We hope this post cleared the whole process of Applying to Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Scheme, with or without aadhar card.

In case you have any query, write it down in the comment box below. We are happy to help.