Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Scheme – How to Apply

As you know according to the new Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG DBTL(PAHAL) scheme, the LPG consumers will join the scheme will recieve subsidy directly in their bank accounts. In this post we have mentioned the whole process of applying for LPG subsidy for the Bharat Gas Consumers. If you are using Bharat Gas cylinder you need to follow the procedure for taking the benefit of this LPG subsidy Scheme. Before continuing make sure you are eligible

Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Scheme Registration – Aadhar & Non Aadhar Card Based

Bharat Gas Consumer Apply for DBTL Subsidy Scheme PAHALAs we have mentioned various times that according to this new subsidy scheme by Government, both type consumers i.e. Those who have aadhar card and those who don’t have it can apply. We will be explaining the process separately

A) Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Registration with Aadhar Card

Step 1 : You need to link your Aadhar card with Bank Account First

Step 2 : You need to link your Aadhar card with your Bharat Gas Consumer Connection

Step 1 Explanation – Linking aadhar card with Bank Account:

The process of linking the aadhar card with bank account can be implemented in two ways. You can either hand over the application form to the bank officials or you can implement this process via Online method. However it is to be noted that all banks are not giving the facility of Online Linking.

Read complete details of Linking Aadhar Card with Bank Account

Once your Aadhar card will be linked to the Bank account, the step 1 will be completed. Now you need to proceed with the step 2.

Step 2 Explanation – Linking your Aadhar card with Bharat Gas LPG Consumer connection

This process can be implemented in various ways

  1. By providing your bank details to at the Bharat Gas Distributor Office
  2. By providing your Bharat Gas connection Details at the Bank account

Step 2.1 Providing Bank details to your Bharat Gas Distributor – Offline Method

  • You need to fill in the form number 2 . – Click here to visit Form no.2 Download Page
  • Once downloaded, you need take the print out of the form
  • Enter the details asked correctly
  • Once filled you need to submit to your Bharat Gas dealer

Step 2.2 Online Method

The government has set up a dedicated online page where all consumers can link their aadhar card with LPG account for subsidy purposes. We have written a separate article for this. Click here to read the online method steps

This concludes the step 2.

This whole process was for the Bharat Gas Consumers who had aadhar card. The process of applying for LPG subsidy by joining the New DBTL scheme(PAHAL) without Aadhar card is given below.

B) How to Apply for Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Scheme without Aadhar Card

If you are a Bharat Gas Consumer and wish to apply for the LPG subsidy scheme without Aadhar card, you must read our post on Applying for LPG subsidy without Aadhar card

We hope this post cleared the whole process of Applying to Bharat Gas LPG Subsidy Scheme, with or without aadhar card.

In case you have any query, write it down in the comment box below. We are happy to help.




  1. Salome says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are NRI and we travel to India just once a year to visit family. So the consumption of our cooking gas is limited for less than a month only so we would be using one cylinder for approx. 2 years. However with all this subsidy system we have been struggling to get a refill of our empty cylinders for the last two years and have wasted our limited vacation time just frequenting your office in Margao Goa but in vain as those employed there are completely useless and have no customer thoughtfulness in them.

    I think BHARAT GASS should be considerate towards NRI like us who have no one to make use of their cyclinders in their absence and we have also been warned by Bharart gass office in Margao that if we do not consume cylinders within 6 months then during the next change of cylinder we shall have to go through the time wasting procedure for re-registering all over again which is totally absurd. In fact the government should be happy that people like us are saving countries consumption

    After all we too are citizens of India just outside the country because of employment doesn’t mean we have t o be treated in this un thoughtful manner. This is like punishment, just frequenting your office to prove a point. Sometimes staff not available, sometimes staff not aware what is to be done, simply keep saying come again… come next time etc.

    Your office should be thoughtful as we have passports as our proof with entry and exit dates

    I hope to have a reply soon.

    best regards

    • Nishant says

      Hello Salome,
      Your comment has really drawn my attention towards the carelessness done by few officials. As this is the information portal (not the govt. One), I can’t really do much to help you. However, I have the toll free number where you can lodge your complaint. Make a call at this number – 18002333555 and kindly explain this issue to them. I am sure they will help you out!!

      Thanks for writing down.


    • sandip s kale says

      Dear sir. Meri Bharat gas subcidy Kisi dusre ke account me Jama hoti hai..mera aadhar no..uske bank of India ke ac par link meri subcidy mere ac pe Jama karna hai…


    HP Gas consumer no is in name of my father who has expired and now I want to transfer in my name and avail subsidy but dealer is not responding. I have submitted the relevant papers to dealer but no reply from them.

    What should I do ?

  3. syed mohiuddin says

    hi i have given the aadhar in bank accounts as well as in the gas agency but for 1 year i have received the amount in the correct bank from past 2 months i m receiving the amount in the another account but that account is close so please help me in this situation how to change the bank name in the agency.

    I have given the complain on the customer service but they did not gave any reponse as well as the agency so is their any other way to change the bank name so please kindly help in out

    • Nishant says

      Hello Syed,
      This issue seems little complicated and i am unable to provide satisfactory answer this time. I think you should make a visit to the bank account and tell them about this. May be they could do something.

  4. Mohammed safeer khan says

    No my bank account Please check of my safaty is my my bank no ader card please customers my cafcety is not my account Please check back in the

  5. Surjit singh says

    MY AADHAR No. 8539 1916 7033 is connected to bank account through Rajiv gas service mansarovar

    JAIPUR OF Bharat gas subsidy scheme. I received LPG gas cylinder on 07 -02-15 and 17-03-15.I have not

    received any message on my mobile 9829978881 for subsidy amount transfer in my bank account.

    Please tell me what should I do.

      • Nishant says

        Hello Anil,
        If you are referring to LPG Subsidy surrender, read this -


    Sir, I have HP LPG gas connection with consumer No.611518 in Guntur with Chandra Gas distributors. I have linked my Aadhaar number to my LPG connection and getting subsidy. Now on the appeal of the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, our family wish to withdraw from the benefit of subsidy on LPG connection. In view of the above, please advise me the procedure to have the same LPG connection without any subsidy from the Government of India, in the interest of nation.

    With regards
    Mikkilineni Srinivas
    Inspector of Central Excise
    2-121-110, Rajyalakshmi Nagar, Ramasastry thota,
    Stambalagaruvu, Pattabhipuram (Post),
    Guntur – 522 006. Guntur Urban,
    Andhra Pradesh
    Mobile No. 9490170271

    • Nishant says

      Hello MIKKILINENI SRINIVAS, great thought. Give me a moment, will let you know about the whole procedure via a special article !!

  7. vijay prasad says

    Dear madam
    I am costumer of Bharat gas since last 8yrs. but i could n’t register me so far Bcz Gas agency has registered my name vijay kumar instead of vijay prasad. While i have submit them my documents as vijay prasad during the taking connection. Now they are saying that name can not be change.

    Madam Plz advise what to do, how can i get subsidy.

    Vijay Prasad-9968113298.

    connection no T34235
    bharat gas
    Engineering Enterprises
    Pankha road janak puri
    New Dehli,

  8. muniraju says

    Hi sir.
    my name muniraju i joined give up subsidy Scheme,   how many year i purchased  cylinder in market price. And how is quite this scheme pls pls tell me. My consumer no. 792.bharat gas.

  9. says

    I select opt. out of subsidy by mistake.Please I regret you to cancel my request and I want my subsidy. My details given below :
    Consumer No-61355169
    Bank A/C No – 412610110006630
    Distributor code-131346
    Distributor Name – NEEL JYOTI
    Mobile No-9674806051

  10. Patil Ashok Bhagawat says

    I have linked my Aadhar card no 297684919964 with my bank ie State Bank of India Bhusawal A/C no 11043950892 and bharat gas and according Ihave received Subsidy on dated 14 Dec 2013 ; 16Dec 2013 ‘,27 Feb 2014’, 14Jan 2015 and 29 Jan 2015 it means that my SBI a/c which i have given is correct then why the subsidy on booking cylinder oo dated 26 Mar2015 is credited in Bank of India bhusawal instead of State Bank of India Bhusawal please sent my subsidy in State Bank of India Bhusawal A/ c no 11043950892 (SubAmt;188.98 on 26/03/2015) From Ashok Bhagawat Patil LPG consumer no 15801 at Gurukipa Gas Agency Bhusawal

  11. says

    Hi Sir,

    My name Baalakrishnaraja i joined give up subsidy scheme. How many year i purchased cylinder in

    market price. And how is quite this scheme ple ple teii me.

    MY consumaer no_56460939 bharat gas .

  12. Kamlesh says

    Sir, Pls tell me how to change my bank name & number for Bharat Gas Subsidy my old bank a/c was closed where the subsidy comes. my Gas conection at dombivali, thane, maharashtra

  13. Irfan Faruqui says

    dear sir,
    I have connection in bharat gas,and i am getting subsidy for every cylinder.
    i have some problem in my bank account and i want to terminate that account.i want to replace my bank account details from pahal.please tell me what is the procedure to change rhe bank details.

  14. sajeed says

    sir,my bank account is expire i will samite new account but he don’t no how to change account what will i do


    Con. No 59490191
    distributor name shiva bharat gas distributors

    sir ,
    deepchand sharma not reserved subsidy plg subsidy trasfar my a/c no.540000202166

  16. mallu says

    as my father expierd i tranfered the lpg connection to me… the agency collected 220 rs as documentation charege and 435 which was credited to my father account as DBTL advance too. but i did not receive the DBTL advance still in my account. pl give me info to fix the issue… i have to tranfer from this place also due to job change

  17. Kumar sukheja says


    I reside in Ulhasnagar-5. Dist. Thane, Maharashtra state. I have not received my gas subsidy.Though I have linked my Aadhar card no. with my bank account. My service agency is Partap gas service agency, Ulhasnagar-5. My consumer no. is P- 1791. I have not received subsidy for single month. so kindly help me.

    Thanks and regards,

    yours faithfully,
    S. kumar

  18. sukh paul says

    the lpg subsidy system is trouble system. in this system people felt in big trouble.many people do not find their money in bank account rightly.
    For illustration :-
    My father is a bharat gas consumer . My father take my lpg cylinder on dated 15/5/2015 but My father do not get subsidy in his bank account . I complain in 18002333555 but they don’t response about it.
    so, as like this many people are in trouble.

  19. says

    I have not receiving HP Gas subsidy amount in the bank of the month of March & July 2015. But I have been getting subsidy 2 times before. My aadhaar card have already linked with my SBI bank account. Please look into the matter & do necessary steps to solve my problem.
    Consumer No. 601962
    Adhar card no.- 57728974
    Bank account no. 10134209803 – State Bank of India



  21. says

    Thanks for creating such an information portal. I have not applied for my subsidy yet and I want to apply the new terms state that Any consumer joining the scheme after June 30, 2015 will get permanent advance and subsidy with prospective effect. I am not getting complete detail about this statement.

    Does it mean that we will get subsidy only when for the next time it comes in effect? And what about the subsidized amount till the time it comes into effect from the date of joining this scheme. Will this packed subsidized amount be released after wards?

  22. rajiv kaushik says

    I select opt. out of subsidy by mistake.Please I regret you to cancel my request and I want my subsidy. My details given below :
    Consumer No-23393
    Bank A/C No –4007000100148287
    Distributor code-113499
    Distributor Name –SAVITA GAS SERVICE
    Mobile No-9808159480


  23. Dinesh says

    Dear sir we have getting cylinder 15 days ago but subsidy not deposit in my bank account. I am saying to agency employee but not satisfy reply he says wait for wait employee behave is mannerless. Sir My costumer no. Is 3747 Rajasthan distt. Nagaur tehsil merta city Vishnu gas agency merta city.sir hope to you. Thanks with regards Dinesh soni merta city

  24. Dinesh says

    Dear sir my gas connesition no is 3747 Vishnu gas agency merta city distt. Nagaur Rajasthan sir I am getting cylinder 15days ago but subsidy not deposit in my bank account I am saying agency employee he was not satisfy me and saying mannerless so I request to you and hope rectify my problem and instruct to all agency for talking coustmer with manners. Thanks with regards Dinesh Soni Merta City.