Apply Online for LPG Subsidy without Aadhar Card

As mentioned in the post ” Apply for LPG Subsidy without Aadhar card”, the consumers not having aadhar card can still apply for LPG subsidy by either providing the bank details to LPG center or by providing LPG id details in the bank. This post is for those consumers who want to apply online for LPG subsidy by providing their bank details(without aadhar card). I have included all the online process for all companies i.e. Indane, HP & Bharat Gas. Let’s Get Started !!

Apply For LPG Subsidy Online Without Aadhar Card – Step by Step Guide for Indane, HP & Bharat Gas Consumers

If you are using Indane LPG cylinder and haven’t received your aadhar card or number yet, you can still apply for LPG subsidy using following process:

  • Visit the Official “Join DBTL page” –

Join DBTL Link Indane

Join DBTL Link HP Gas

Join DBTL Link Bharat Gas

  • Now in the page, you will see two options. As you do not have aadhar number, you need to click on the 2nd options that says “If you do not have Aadhar number, click here to Join DBTL”
  • After clicking on this link, yet another page will be opened where you will see various options. As we are talking about Online process here, you need to click on the link that says “Click here and enter your bank account details”
  • Doing this will open up the login Page
  • You need to enter your username and password to get logged in

Note : In case you haven’t registered don’t worry, click on the “Register now” link

  • After logging in, the online application form(Form number 4) will get opened
  • You need to enter following information in the form:
  • Bank Name,Account number,IFSC Code etc( IFSC code will be on the pass book, to know your bank’s IFSC code online, click here)
  • Fill in all the mandatory details required in the form
  • Now click on the submit button to complete the process on online application form filling
  • Acknowledgement regarding successful submission of the form will be received by SMS or email
  • Now you need to Take the print out of the submitted form, write your signature on it and submit it to the distributor.

Doing all the above mentioned steps will complete the process of appying online for LPG subsidy scheme without aadhar card.

I hope this post was helpful, if you have any questions, write it down in the comment box below.