Join LPG Subsidy Scheme for Transfer of Benefits to Account

The Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas under Government of India provides LPG to domestic households in 14.2 Kg cylinders. The whole supply process is completed through a large network of Oil marketing companies which are known as OMCs. LPG cylinders of Indane, Bharat Gas and HP Gas are distributed in whole country.The complexity of the whole process can be estimated by a single fact that more than 30 Lakh cylinders are delivered everyday.

Our Government is concerned about the Subsidy burden as well as about the variation of the prices of LPG cylinders in the country. To make things better, it is important that LPG is distributed in the whole country at One price. So, for the sake of benefit of LPG consumers, the Government has launched the “Direct Benefits of LPG(DBTL) Scheme” for LPG Subsidy.

DBTL Pahal Scheme registration

DBTL scheme that launched in 1st June 2013 has been relaunched with modifications on 15th November 2014(54 Districts) and 1st January 2015(Remaining Districts)

On 1st June 2013, DBTL scheme was launched in 291 districts of the country in six phases. Almost 10 crore consumers were benefited that time. After reviewing the whole scheme at that time, it was realized that :

The people who didn’t get their Aadhar cards were unable to apply . The whole scheme was reviewed once again to provide benefit to each and every eligible consumer. That’s the reason, this new modified version of DBTL scheme -PAHAL was relaunched in 54 districts on 15th November 2014 and in the remaining country on 1st January 2015.

The most significant improvement in the process this time is that –

Joining New DBTL Scheme for LPG Subsidy – “PAHAL”

  1. Consumers possessing the aadhar card need to link their Aadhar card with Bank account first and then they need to link Aadhar card with the LPG connection
  2. Those who don’t possess aadhar card need to link the Bank account and LPG account together.
  3. Once a customer will join the scheme successfully, he will be called “CTC”(Cash Transfer Complaint)
  4. Such consumer will be getting the subsidy amount directly in their Bank account, once the scheme will launch in their district.

The whole scheme is also explained in details at “LPG Subsidy Details” Section

In this website, you will find each and every step of the process explained in details. Our aim is to contribute in this process. You should also take part in this scheme and must encourage others to do so.